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Here are a few pictures of our 1962 Triumph TR-4 (it was built in August, 1962). It is currently an autocross car (currently running in A/Prepared, previously it ran as an E/Prepared car - the difference is in the class minimum weight) but has been vintage raced by the three previous owners and was a road race car in Colorado and out in California before that. I'm still trying to learn some of its early history (I have traced all the owners back to the mid-1970's but that owner has since died, so the trail has gotten a bit cold), but here's what I've been told: It was a race car right from day one - apparently it was delivered to the race shop in San Fransisco right off the boat and never went through a dealership as far as I can tell. It was immediately stripped and turned into a race car, and has remained one for all of its life. I drove it on the street for a couple of years as well as autocrossing it, which was a lot of fun but not terribly practical. Since then, though, we've been pretty successful autocrossing this car; a driver of this car has set FTD (Fastest Time of Day) at the last five consecutive VTR National Conventions (1995 through 1999)!  We also have VTR class wins in both open and ladies class from 1990 through 1999, as well as numerous SCCA event wins and Regional season championships.

Here's a photo taken at the Vintage Triumph Register's North American Triumph Challenge (NATC) in Rockford, IL (July, 1995). It shows Chris Kantarjiev (left) and John Lye (right) and the trophies that we won in the autocross:

Here's another one from VTR's NATC '95 showing some of the members of Team Fat posing in the mighty Herald:

This is a third photo from VTR's NATC '95 showing the members of Team Fat who were present:

Here's a photo of Mark Bradakis (with camera) and Bob Kamholtz taken at VTR's NATC '95 during the autocross:

Here's an action shot from a Blue Ridge Region SCCA autocross in Lynchburg, VA (photo credit: Karen Kraus):

Here's another Karen Kraus shot taken at a Blue Ridge Region SCCA autocross in Salem, VA (notice the right rear tire):


We'd like to thank The Roadster Factory of Armagh, PA, U.S.A for their generous support. Please give them a call at 1-800-234-1104 for all your Triumph or MGB needs.

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