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It's been at least two years since any photos were added, or removed.

Gallery Highlights

Click anywhere to see photography. Use the hyper-maps, and on every page, to jump from gallery to gallery. If you make it to the second floor, the hypermaps might not work, so be careful.     

Exhibits feature work from Burgess's earliest forays into photography, as well as more recent work. Of particular note, In the Station, in the Main Gallery. On permanent display in the West Wing, a tribute gallery to William Edward Burgess, 1871-1935, an early photographer from the town of Scottsville, Va, and Doug's ancestor.  More information about Doug can be found in the Entrance Corridor

The East Wing is temporarily closed. 

If you have any comments, thoughts, observations, you can reach Doug at doug.burgess@gmail. com.  To inquire about print sales go to www.dougburgess.com

Thanks for visiting. 



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