Fixing Shadows

Still Photography

Founded May, 1995

We are concerned with photographs of historic interest and with contemporary straight photography in general.

                      outside myself
                                                 there is a world
he rumbled, subject to my incursions
—a world
                           (to me) at rest,
                                               which I approach
                             (William Carlos Williams)

For an open discussion of the idea of Straight Photography, click here

For a personal definition of Walker Evans' "documentary style" click here (a PDF file). This is a paper read at the 1998 conference held at SUNY Buffalo entitled Walker Evans: Counterspy.

A photographer's poem

Images and texts represented on these pages are intended for personal use only.

Fixing shadows consists of a set of pages devoted to photographic topics including the work of individual photographers and photographs of historical and ethnographic interest and value. We also want to develop pages devoted to family photography and to miscellaneous "found" photographs that catch our fancy.

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You find your way around Fixing Shadows by clicking on the above anchors. Gallery leads you to the work of contemporary photographers, History takes you to a small collection of photos of historical interest, and Found Photos presents a melange of photos created by the world's greatest photographer, Anon. The other pages are less developed, but should be of interest to some of you. I am particularly interested in developing the page devoted to Ethno-photography.

The success of the Fixing Shadows will depend on your interest and contributions. I look forward to hearing from you, and especially to displaying photographs - your own or by others that would fit into the general framework of the page. Historic photographs that you have discovered and wish to share would be very welcome indeed. If you have something to show, let me know and I'll help you get them online. Visit the Feedback page and send in your comments and suggestions. You will also find local comment boxes on several of the pages. Please use them.

Last Revised Sept 2017

Fixing Shadows is edited and managed by J. David Sapir, Emeritus Professor — Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. 22903.

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