The Y2K Bibliography of Experimental Economics and Social Science

Charles A. Holt

   This bibliography lists exactly 2000 publications, plus about 500 discussion papers in experimental economics and social science (updated December 29, 1999).  It is arranged by keyword topic, roughly following the layout of Davis and Holt's Experimental Economics (1993).  Each citation appears in only one primary category on the left, and may appear in multiple sub-topic listings.  Asterisks indicate data that I have a question about, and selected abstracts represent my personal interpretations, which are not necessarily those of the author(s).  I hope that you find it useful, and corrections and suggestions are  I would like to thank Ellen Quarles, Haimi Teriffa, and Sallie Holt for assistance.  For online and personal use only, all rights reserved (Charles Holt).  The on-line search product provided by the Endnote program used to compile this bibliography has been discontinued, and I am working on an alternative.
(130 items)
General,Surveys, Subject Pool and Gender EffectsIncentive EffectsStatistical Issues


Game Theory
(422 items)
Dilemma Games, Coordination Games,  Matrix GamesSequential GamesSignaling Games
Learning, Evolution, Reinforcement LearningQuantal Response Equilibrium,
Also, see Al Roth's Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page (link to Roth)
(447 items)
Double Auctions,Posted Offer,Asset Markets,Macroeconomics
(239 items)
Dictator GameUltimatum GameAlternating Offer GameNegotiation, Fairness


(122 items)
Private ValueCommon ValueMulti-Unit Auctions
Public Economics
(350 items)
Volunatry Contributions MechanismInterior NashStep Level Public Goods,  Altruism, Voting
Common Pool ResourcesMechanisms
Also, see: James Andreoni's Altruism Bibliography (link to Andreoni)
(57 items)
Asymmertic InformationInformation Cascades


(566 items)
Risk Aversion, Biases, Contingent Valuation, Bayesian Inference


Classroom Games
(91 items)
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