Yan Zhuang

About me

I am a PhD student from Imaging and Data Science Lab under Prof. Gustavo Rohde guidence, University of Virginia. My research is to build computer-vision-assisted diagnosis systems based on mathematical modeling of signal and image data, which crosses multiple disciplines from biomedical image analysis, computer vision, machine learning, cyber-physical system, to health informatics. Becuase my background is from computer engineering, I am also a fan of building the system that can be used in the medical or healthcare domain, such as sleep monitoring, air quality monitoring, and gait analysis.

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Previously, I was a research associate @ ESC Lab under Prof. Wenyao Xu guidance from 2014-2015, University at Buffalo. I got my M.S. degree from University at Buffalo under Dr. Pao-Lo Liu and Dr. George C. Lee guidence in 2014.



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    Poster and abstract

  1. Mark Mcdonald, Omar Uribe, Yan Zhuang, Iris Lin, Daniel Arteaga, William Dalrymple, Bradford Worrall,Gustavo Rohde and Andrew Southerland. Comparison of Human and Machine Learning Based Facial Weakness Detection. Stroke. 2019 Feb.
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Award and professional activity

  • NSF BHI2019 Travel Award
  • ACM MobiHoc2015 Student Travel Grant
  • IEEE JBHI reviewer
  • INFOCOM2016 reviewer
  • IEEE student member

  • Funding

  • American Heart Association
  • UVa-Coulter Research Partnership