Results for Community Tracking Survey

  • Analysis of CTS Data
  • Analysis of ARF Data
  • Analysis of within Site Variation in ARF
  • Dependent Variable Types
  • Data Moments for Estimation (updated 2/7/08)
  • Estimates (updated 12/27/07)
  • Estimates and Other Results Grouped by Dependent Variable (updated 2/19/08)
  • Marginal Effects (updated 2/14/08)
  • Estimates Concerning Blacks (updated 1/22/08)
  • Direct and Indirect Effects for Blacks (updated 2/1/08)
  • Estimates Concerning Hispanics (updated 1/28/08)
  • Direct and Indirect Effects for Hispanics (updated 2/5/08)
  • "The Effect of Rurality on Physical and Mental Health Outcomes," with Elizabeth Merwin, Emily Hauenstein, Ivora Hinton, Virginia Rovnyak, Melvin Wilson, Ishan Williams, and Irma Mahone.
  • Methodology
  • Excel files for download (updated 2/19/08) Back to Steven Stern's home page
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