Our Trip to Colorado

Dori, Aaron, and I in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs
  • Pictures from Museum of Natural History
  • Aaron Prepares for Mummification
  • Dinosaur Fossils
  • Dori and her New Friends
  • Aaron and his New Friends
  • The Denver Skyline
  • Pictures of Eating
  • Tajik Tea House in Boulder
  • Lunch in the Fifties
  • More Lunch in the Fifties
  • Pictures from Royal Gorge
  • At the Fence
  • Loco At the Gorge
  • Loco At the Gorge Again
  • A Trip Across the Gorge
  • Tracks up the Gorge
  • The Bridge over the Gorge
  • More of the Bridge
  • The Bridge from the Top of the Gorge
  • Under the Bridge
  • The Arkansas River
  • Dori and Aaron at the River
  • The Train Coming Down the Tracks
  • The Winding River Gorge
  • Pictures from Pike's Peak
  • The Road to Pike's Peak
  • More Road to Pike's Peak
  • Pike's Peak in the Background
  • Looking Down from Pike's Peak
  • Fearless Dori and Aaron
  • The Top
  • Small Colorado Town Near Pike's Peak
  • Pictures from Indian Village
  • Aaron in Indian Village
  • Dori in Indian Village
  • Adobe Home in Indian Village
  • Another Home in Indian Village
  • Pictures from Garden of the Gods
  • Aaron in the Garden of the Gods
  • Dori and Aaron in the Garden of the Gods
  • A Big Rock in the Garden of the Gods
  • More Big Rocks in the Garden of the Gods
  • Aaron Conquers the Garden of the Gods
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