Mitzvah Project Speech

For my mitzvah project, I tutored a little girl. She is in first grade but was extremely behind. I chose this project because I like helping people with schoolwork and I like education. I also really like little kids. Every Monday, I went to her house and helped her with whatever homework she had. Usually that was reading homework which meant sitting down and listening to her read. I also helped her memorize vocabulary words by playing a game where she earned "money" every time she got a vocabulary word correct. That was a lot of fun. While tutoring her, I learned a lot. She lived with her grandma and she lived in a poor neighborhood. Her grandma was very sick because of smoking and usually I did homework with the girl while her grandma lay in bed with a headache. Once or twice, I had to leave because her grandma's headaches were too much. Even with their troubles, they were always very nice to me. They always offered food to me when I came and when I left on the last day, they gave me a very nice present. I learned many things there. I learned what poor peoples lives are like. I learned that many people have lots more problems then I did. I really liked helping the girl and I might try tutoring again someday.