Economics 771: Introduction to Statistics
Contact Information: Optional Texts: Syllabus
A: Random Experiments Help w/ Understanding Urns and Dice
B: Properties of Probability
C: Methods of Enumeration Homework 1
D: Conditional and Marginal Probability
E: Discrete Random Variables and Distributions Homework 2
F: Expectation
G: Examples of Discrete Distributions
H: Moment Generating Functions Homework 3
I: Discrete Multivariate Random Variables and Distributions
J: Covariance and Correlation
K: Conditional Distributions Homework 4
L: Continuous Random Variables and Distributions
M: Examples of Continuous Distributions
N: Continuous Multivariate Random Variables and Distributions Homework 5 Extra Credit Help with Extra Credit
Sampling Distribution Theory
A: Distributions of Functions of Random Variables
B: Sums of Independent Random Variables
C: Chi-Square Distribution
D: t-Distribution & F-Distribution Homework 6
Limiting Distributions
A: Central Limit Theorems
B: Approximations for Discrete Distributions
C: Limiting Moment Generating Functions Homework 7
A: Intuition/Roadmap
B: Maximum Likelihood Estimation Homework 8
C: Attractive Properties of Estimators
D: Method of Moments
E: Asymptotic Theory Homework 9
F: Nonparametric and Semiparametric Density Estimation Homework 10
A: Examples
B: Definitions
C: More Examples
D: Best Critical Regions and Likelihood Ratio Tests
E: Wald Tests, Lagrange Multiplier Tests, and Likelihood Ratio Tests Homework 11
F: Confidence Intervals
Bayesian Statistics
A: Bayes Theorem
B: Terminology and Philosophy
C: Examples Homework 12
D: How to Handle the Occurance of an Event w/ Zero Prior Probability
Extra Applications
  • Homework 10%
  • Projects 10%
  • Midterm 25%
  • Final 55%
  • We will have FUN
  • Extra questions for studying
  • Previous midterm
  • Finals from 2012, 2013, and 2014.
  • My "victims" from Fall 2014
  • My "victims" from Fall 2015

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