Sonia Kovalevskaya Math Day,
University of Virginia, March 2, 2019

Registration: Fill out the form here by February 25th.

Schedule: Saturday March 2, 2019 (TBA Location)

  1. 10:00 -- 10:30 Welcome and ice-breaker activity

  2. 10:30 -- 11:20 Activity One

  3. 11:30 -- 12:20 Activity Two

  4. 12:30 -- 13:20 Lunch + Discussion “What do mathematicians do all day?”

  5. 13:30 -- 14:20 Activity Three

  6. 14:30 -- 14:45 Goodbye

Who’s Sonia? Sonia was not only a great mathematician, but also a writer and advocate of women's rights in the 19th century. It was her struggle to obtain the best education available which began to open doors at universities to women. In addition, her ground-breaking work in mathematics made her male counterparts reconsider their archaic notions of women's inferiority to men in such scientific arenas. For more information on Sonia’s life, see here.

COnference purpose: The purposes are to encourage young women to continue their study of mathematics, to assist them with the sometimes difficult transition between high school and college mathematics, to assist the teachers of women students, and to encourage colleges and universities to develop more extensive cooperation with high schools.

Directions: See here.

funding: University of Virginia: Mathematics Department and DDI Grant, Math Ambassador (NSF grant DMS1255574).

Organisers: AWM Chapter at UVa, Francesco Di Plinio, Sara Maloni.

Contact: If you have any question, please contact AWM Chapter at UVa.

The UVa chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) will hold its first Sonia Kovalevsky Math Day for middle school (6th - 8th grade). We will provide fun activities, lunches, shirts, and mathematical prizes for the students!

These conference are part of series of the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM). For more than twenty years Sonia Kovalevsky Days have been organized and sponsored by AWM and held at colleges and universities throughout the country. Sonia Kovalevsky Days (SK Days) consist of a program of workshops, talks, and problem-solving competitions for female high school and middle school students and their teachers, both women and men.  

This conference is organized in Cooperation with the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) and supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of the Association for Women in Mathematics.