Research interests:

  1. Geometric structures on 2 and 3-manifolds, Kleinian groups,  low dimensional topology.

  2. Hyperbolic and Anti-de Sitter  geometry.

  3. (Higher) Teichmüller Theory.

List of publications:

  1. Higher signature Delaunay decompositions, with J. Danciger, J.-M. Schlenker (2016), pdf, arXiv:1602.03865.

  2. On the character varieties of the three-holed projective plane, with F. Palesi (2015), pdf, arXiv:1509.08341.

  3. Polyhedra inscribed in a quadric, with J. Danciger, J.-M. Schlenker (2014), pdf, arXiv:1410.3774.

  4. On the character varieties of the four-holed sphere, with F. Palesi, S. P. Tan,

Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics 9 (3) (2015), 737-782.

  1. The asymptotic directions of pleating rays in the Maskit embedding, pdf,

  Conformal Dynamics and Hyperbolic Geometry, AMS Contemporary Mathematics, (2012).

  1. Top terms of polynomial traces in Kra's plumbing construction, with C. Series, pdf,

  Algebraic and Geometric Topology 10 (3) (2010), 1565-1607.

  1. Combinatorial methods on actions on character varieties, Oberwolfach Report No. 07/2014.

  2. Gluing construction and Maskit slice, pdf, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2013).

  3. Slices of Quasifuchsian space, pdf, Ph.D. thesis (2013).


  1. The SL(2)- geometry of the space of Lagrangians, with D. Alessandrini, A. Wienhard (2015), preliminary results.

  2. c-plumbing construction, S.Maloni, (2015), in preparation.

  3. Dynamics on PSL(2,C)-character varieties of manifolds with compressible boundary, with M. Lee, C. Lecuire (2015), preliminary results.


  1. Polyhedra inscribed in a hyperboloid and AdS geometry, pdf, (2014).

  2. Pleating Constructions in Quasifuchsian space, pdf, (2011).

  3. Asymptotic direction of the pleating rays in the Maskit embedding, pdf, (2011).

  4. The trace formula for a representation of the fundamental group of a surface in PSL(2, C), pdf, (2009).


  1. Geometry, Topology and Dynamics of Character Varieties, NUS, Singapore, pdf, (2010).

  2. Women in Mathematics Two Day Meeting, Newton Institute, Cambridge, pdf, (2010).

  3.  Dynamics and Geometry of Teichmüller Space, CIRM, Luminy, pdf, (2009).