Signs of Life?
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"Each In Its Ordered Place"

  "Pareidolia" refers to the human tendency (some would say the human need) to find meaningful patterns where none "really" exist. If you google the word, you can get lots of different examples of the phenomenon, including the Virgin Mary in the cheese sandwich. For today's class we'll look at two specific instances of it, both arising in 1969: the widely-shared belief that Paul McCarty had died in a car accident, and that the Beatles' songs and album covers revealed that; and Charles Manson's belief that the Beatles' White Album, along with the same Bible that Mary Rowlandson turned to, revealed the coming apocalypse. For this class, go to the links below read through the material you'll find there.

            Paul Is Dead
            Helter Skelter (1)   |   Helter Skelter (2)   |   Beatles Lyrics