Choosing the Right Student Organization

By Kelly Watkins

   Leaving for college and becoming assimilated into such a different setting from home can prove to be a difficult task by itself. We, as students of course, must first concentrate on academics before extending ourselves through other activities. However, I truly feel that students need a healthy balance between academics and something enjoyable that will involve more than their intellectual and study skills. Here at U.Va., organizations abound that can "rescue" students from their academic worries and involve them with causes and people that they sincerely care about.

At first the thought o f choosing which organization interests you can be confusing. At U. Va. there are so many groups of students coming together for different reasons and causes. You can involve yourself in service organizations such as Alpha Phi Omega, a coed fraternity, or possibly student publication organizations such as The Cavalier Daily or The Advocate, depending on your interests. Nonetheless, I strongly encourage students to involve themselves in organizations where they feel comfortable and can contribute because they want to, not because they have to . In college, unlike high school, students have complete control over why they become involved with an organization. The nature of your involvement in a group will probably be different in college simply because you have surpassed the time when you have joined groups mainly to enhance your college applications.

So now you have made it to college and can balance academics with outside involvement. Beoming involved in a student organization presents you with a chance to further your interest in a particular cause and meet new people. Students who are happy with their involvement in their chosen organizations have found their places among the many others here at U.Va.