Spring Break

By Leah Snyder

   Spring Break at UVA is much more than a week off of school in March. It is the ultimate challenge. The goal of any vacationing UVA-er is to not only enjoy those fruit drinks served with umbrellas, but to use the vacation time to boost his or hers social status. Spring Break is not just about planning what he or she does on their vacation, but figuring out what he or she will say about their vacation upon their return to classes. This task is not an easy one to accomplish, but the key to the most premium break relies on strategic planning.

It is at this time that one must consider the importance of bragging Sure, it's cheaper for your friends to stay with your grandmother in Florida, but you will probably have more stories to tell if your hotel room in the Bahamas is next door to a bunch of cute guys from UNC. It is important that everyone enjoys their Spring Break enormously; but it is CRUCIAL to return to school a week later with the most exhilarating stories ever. One must use the post-break time to flaunt their tanned selves around the University stirring up intense envy in fellow students. By doing so, I can guarantee that when Spring Break comes around the following year, people will be begging to go with you.

Some popular "hot spots" to consider for fun in the sun are the Bahamas, Cancun, Key West, or somewhere else tropical. Of course, the prices on a trip to those places can be unreasonable, so consider Myrtle Beach, or anywhere in Florida. Do not go anywhere above South Carolina because it will probably be pretty chilly in March. Cold weather may inhibit good tanning. Remember, post-boasting is enhanced when one gets the ultimate sunnage possible. Then, people will be admiring your "Coppertone bod" while you share all of the unbelievable stories from your trip.

Sure, I admit, not everyone goes to the beach for Spring Break, and if you are a fourth year in E-School you will probably be using the time to write a thesis, which is practical. But, if you are looking for a recipe for a memorable Spring Break this is what you do: grab your closest friends, head off somewhere steaming hot, get burnt, do tons of things worth bragging about (you can always make stories up if the week isn't as exciting as it needs to be), then come back refreshed and ready to face the rest of the spring semester.