Fitness at Uva

By Akaya Smith

   Not into fitness? If you're planning to attend the University of Virginia, be prepared to make a change. Here fitness falls just short of being a requirement. If you're not already in shape, don't stress! UVa's just the place to get in shape. One option is to visit the new Aquatic Fitness Center, or AFC as the locals call it. It's got everything that you could possibly need for as easy or as difficult a workout as you desire and it's free to students. It also sports an Olympic size pool for your convenience. AFC is, however, highly frequented by the student body, especially those with the unbelievably perfect phisiques that make the rest of us scared to show our own. So, if your not quite ready to flex in front of many of UVa's perfect bodies, you may opt to go to North Grounds or Memorial Gym, the other fitness centers on Grounds. They're not quite as new or high tech as AFC, but they have all the basic necessities, and a little more, that one might desire to get into shape.

If going to a gym's not quite your speed don't worry. Take a stroll around Grounds and you're likely to see lots of people taking part in UVa's most popular fitness activity -- running. Grab some shorts, or some sweats, or whatever it is you feel comfortable in and start running . . . or jogging . . . or walking your way into shape and into the UVa fitness culture!