Free Fun for Everyone

By Alex H.

   "Hello, is John there?"

"Yeah, this is John. Hold on a second. Mom, can you put those bags over there, and please find out when I need to meet with my R.A. Sorry, what were you saying?"

"Oh, sorry if I got you at a bad time, but this is Alex over at the fraternity. Someone gave us your name to give you a call. We're taking some guys out to Anna's Pizza tonight for dinner. Should be a good time. You wanna come?"

"Yeah, sure. I need to meet with my R.A. and the rest of my hall around seven o'clock, but after that, yeah."

"You can skip all of those dorm meetings--just make sure you meet with your advisor. Anyway, we're picking guys up at the mailboxes out in front of the old dorms at eight o'clock. See you then."

"Okay, thanks."

Despite what the University calendar says, Fraternity Rush starts the Saturday that the first years get here. And by the time that Saturday rolls around, we (the brothers of any given fraternity) have already called East Coast Entertainment for bands, reserved 75 tubes for the James River Runners tubing organization, and designated various other wallet drainers. We call all the first year guys we barely know and ask them to come out with us so we can get to know them, and so they can get to know us.

Some parts of fraternity rush are a lot of fun. We go to Adventureland, Splathouse (paintball), Keggler's, Awful Arthur's, lake houses, etc. We spend a lot of our money and time on guys we really don't know and sometimes don't want to know. However, rush is not a bad thing. It allows us to have a good time and to show rushees what the fraternity likes to do. In the long run, a good rush full of free fun for the first years brings together a good group of guys. As a second year having had the free fun last year, I was fully exposed to the other side of rush this fall. And sometimes when I think that the only thing that would make fraternity rush better is if it were shorter, I am relieved when I look out the window and observe sorority rush--mobs of dressed up girls being led around like sheep.