Work Hard, Play Hard

By Ironmonk: The Shaolin Master

   To think like a Wahoo, to really understand what makes a Wahoo tick, you have to immerse yourself in the student body and surround yourself with Wahoos. Since I transferred from another college (Boston University), I feel I do have an advantage in evaluating what makes a Wahoo's thinking unique because I can compare it to that of another college.

To begin with, Wahoos certainly don't value sleep. If someone has, say, two papers, a midterm, and an oral report due on Friday, and there is a big football game Thursday night, a typical Wahoo might calculate how much time he has until his first class, and then compare that to how much time it takes to complete all of his homework and attend the football game, not forgetting to account for the sobering period in between the football game and homework; and if the timing is there, he will undoubtedly pack his night full---sleep is trivial.

Which leads me to the second, and most defining characteristic that makes a Wahoo's thinking original: the way in which they balance fun and academics. There are narrow-minded, anti-social, college student bookworms, or nerds, at every other university in the country; and Wahoos would be a bunch of smart nerds too if it weren't for one main difference their involvement in extracurricular activities. Of course, there are other colleges that party as hard as Wahoos, but none of them posses the balance that makes a Wahoo unique---to play hard is human; to work hard is human; but to work and play hard is divine.

By packing a schedule full of either work or play, a Wahoo sucks as much life out of life as possible. So for all the wannabe Wahoos out there who are wondering how we think, I will offer the simplest of answers: a lot.