Being Seen--Men's Cothing

By Jared Foster

   What one wears is very important, because by wearing whatever it is that you wear, you are sending a message about yourself to everyone you come in contact with. What one wears is an expression of themselves, that is why clothes play a very important role in student life here at UVA. To us guys, we really don't care about what the women wear. As far as most males are concerned, women could go unclothed. If a man wants somebody else's attention, however, he must have good dressing techniques.

Every UVA student has different everyday wear, or basic clothes which are worn to class. These should be easy to put on when half asleep: a pair of jogging pants, a T-shirt, any old pair of tennis shoes, and a baseball cap with a crease going down the middle of the bill of the hat. One must note, that the UVA man owns at least one baseball cap with a crease going down the middle, to accentuate any outfit. This is a must for the UVA man, and one characteristic that I have noticed among many UVA students is that the hat shouldn't be brand new, but instead particularly worn, and dirty. I don't wear this type of hat, but it is quite common here "on grounds".

Another UVA must is dressing up for all of the home football games. The outfit must consist of a buttoned down, collared, dress shirt, and any type of neck-tie. One can dress up with khaki's and a blazer, or the shirt, tie, shorts, and sandals, either way you will still fit right in the crowd, as faithful Wahoos watch Virginia play their hearts out on a cool, October day.

Items that are a must for all UVA students are at least one pair of khaki pants and shorts, a wide array of jeans and denim shorts, a collection of Ralph Lauren and Nautica shirts, a pair of sandals, a new pair of a name brand tennis shoes(e.g. Nike, Adidas, Reebok), a pair of Timberland boots, a Bear USA, L.L.Bean or Columbia jacket for the winter, along with a pair of Duck boots for when it rains, a wide variety of T-shirts with different messages or logos , a blue blazer and neck-tie, and last but not least, the most important aspect of becoming a true UVA man is wearing your baseball cap with the crease down the middle of the bill of the hat.

As far as the clothes are concerned, they are interchangeable and practical, but at the same time stylish and expressive, and these are the characteristics that all UVA students should represent to everyone they encounter. Every male at the university should have at least one of these items of clothing which makes up a UVA man in their closets, if not, then they need to do some serious shopping at some of the favorite clothing retailers of men at the university. Stores such as Aeropostale, Nautica and Polo Outlet stores, The Nike Outlet, The L.L. Bean Outlet, Britches, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hecht's, J.Crew, etc. are where you'll find most UVA students.

Even after one returns home with a new baseball cap, however, he must take the time needed to make sure there is a good crease going down the middle of the brim. Then, and only then, will he be classified a real Wahoo.