Drinking Like A Wahoo

By Jane Daniels

   A Wahoo is a fish that can drink twice its weight in one day. For some unknown reason, this ocean-dwelling creature has been adopted as the University of Virginia's unofficial Mascot. Here, for the neophyte, is the three-part guide to drinking like a Wahoo.

Beer The fraternity scene is always an excellent source of free watery beer. The connoisseur will recognize his or her favorites: Natural Light, also known as Natty Light or Fratty Light (Incidentally, Natty Light is a clever nickname for a friend named Natalie.), Milwaukee's Best (referred to as The Beast), and, on an exceptional evening, Bud Light.

Of course, the pubs of Charlottesville present an opportunity to consume beer as well, albeit at a somewhat higher cost. Popular watering holes include Coupe DeVille's, the Biltmore Grill, and St. Maarten's. A cultured drinker seeking higher-quality beer will find paradise at Michael's Bistro. (Woodchuck cider is also available here-- this is for girls only.) Those willing to venture further from home may also frequent various bars on the Downtown Mall, and the truly stouthearted may brave the spectacle of Fourth Year Night at the Greenskeeper.

For the poor, uninitiated soul who knows no fraternity boys and cannot afford to spend evenings at the bar, there exist student organizations. Every group from the Ski Team to the Yearbook Staff will have a keg party, so one must merely sign up (perhaps audition or pay dues as well), and the formerly beer-deprived student has yet another avenue to "cold beverages," as the popular saying goes.

One caveat: one must be of legal drinking age to partake of these activities. IDs are, without fail, required in order to receive the coveted "21" on the hand at parties, and bars subject all IDs to a rigorous verification before the holder may be admitted. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the law.

Cocktail Parties The cocktail party is one of the University's best opportunities to schmooze as well as to consume mixed drinks. Often held previous to football games, the cocktail party usually requires somewhat dressier attire than the average party. This translates to a collared shirt and tie for boys, with a sports jacket in inclement weather, and a skirt, dress, or elegant pants for girls. The recommended drinks for cocktail parties are as follows:

For young men: Bourbon and Coke. Bourbon and Ginger Ale when out of Coke. Gin and Tonic. (In casual conversation, those in the know refer to this as the "G&T".)

For young ladies: Bourbon and Coke: the old standby. Also acceptable are the vodka and cranberry juice, the screwdriver, and the occasional gin and tonic.

The Morning After Who among us has never had the after-party blues? Luckily, many students have discovered refreshments which help to lessen the sting after a night of carousing. The purchase of a Brita pitcher, which conveniently filters even the foulest Charlottesville tap water, is heartily recommended by many a Cavalier. Gatorade is also popular with the more active set, as well as those in need of replenishing nutrients lost during an evening of merry-making.