Revision Assignment

This isn't mandatory, but if you want to rewrite the second formal essay and submit the revision for a new (and improved?) grade, you may, as long as you meet these two deadlines:

By Monday, Nov. 17 -- meet with me for a conference about your essay. I'll be around extra hours next week, so I hope you'll be able to make one of them. If not, let me know and we'll set up an appointment.
By Friday, Nov. 21 -- hand in revision, along with original essay.
Before you come to see me, you should have taken the time to go back over your original essay, and thought about my comments on it (so if any of those are illegible, don't hesitate to ask me what I was trying to say). You should have re-identified the exact argument you want to make, have decided what were the weaknesses of the original version, and have begun to work out a plan for the revision. Once you've done that, I'll serve as somebody you can bounce your new plans off of. You shouldn't come see me until you've already gone a good ways toward planning the revision, but I hope everyone won't wait until Monday, Nov. 17.

When you hand the revised essay in, you must also include the original one. And of course I'm not promising that you'll get a better grade, but I sure hope so.