uva & me Essay

I don't want you to use an .html editor or editing program to tag your essay. Instead, follow the template below when e-mailing it to me. The unitalicized stuff below is the html tagging. Just copy exactly what's here, replacing the italicized stuff with your title and text, &c. If you type it first in a word-processing program like WordPerfect or MicrosoftWord, you'll have to convert it to an ASCII or DOS or TEXT file in order to include it successfully in an e-mail message. (The easiest way to do that is with the "Save As" option in your wordprocessing program -- use that to save the tagged essay in one of these text formats; then re-open that file in a program like Notepad; then highlight and "Copy" it from there to "Paste" it right into an open e-mail message to me at sfr@virginia.edu. I definitely don't want you to e-mail it, however, as an attachment.)

<title>your name's Essay</title>

<body background="214back.jpg">


<center><font size=+2><b>title of essay</b><br>

By your name</center></font><br><br>

<font size=+1>

Your essay goes here. At the beginning of each paragraph put <blockquote>, and at the end of each paragraph put </blockquote> -- that will give your review margins, and make it easier to read over the web.