Exemplary Exam Questions

    Both Natty Bumppo and Magawisca commit acts of civil disobedience in refusing to be judged by the established laws of the land. What do these stands say about the two characters and the novels themselves? Are the authors celebrating civil disobedience or condemning it?
                BY JAMES TYSSE

    Tears are frequently shed in both Charlotte Temple and Uncle Tom's Cabin. Discuss the symbolic function of tears in each of these two novels and explore any similarities between them. (Hint: do we learn anything from the tears?)
                BY DEVIN VAN EXEL

    Both Hope Leslie and The Pioneers conclude with a crucial character turning his/her back on the established society in the work. Analyze the implications of this, and explain its relationship to the success or futility of European colonization of the American frontier in the novel.
                BY DREW SVOR

    Marriage is featured as an issue or event either explicitly, implicitly, or abstractly in each of the novels we have read this semester. Pick one or two marriages, maybe from the same novel or from different novels, and discuss what the marriage(or denied marriage) contributes to the meaning of the work. Is the marriage symbolic? If the marriage were not a part of the novel, how would the meaning of the work change?
                BY SARA MARISKA

        What is Waverley and who wrote it?