WRITTEN WORK: Your one main assignment in this class is either (1) a long (15-20 page) seminar paper or (2) a web-based electronic project, due on the first day of exams (Friday, May 4). We'll talk more about this requirement during the semester. Whether to write the essay or design the web project is entirely up to you, but I'll be happy to help as much as I can with either one.

In addition, you'll write an 800-word review of a book on Uncle Tom's Cabin or a related topic. You have until Monday, February 12 to choose a book to review. Start with the ones on
THIS LIST, though I'll be happy to consider books that aren't on the list. On Wednesday, February 21, you'll hand a copy of your review in to me, but you'll also e-mail me an electronic copy, marked up in HTML according to THIS MODEL. I'll post all the reviews on our class website, where we can all get the benefit of them.

CLASS PARTICIPATION: As a seminar, the class will depend on our mutual commitment to the community and the conversation. But besides regular attendance and participation, I will ask everyone to prepare a brief oral report for the class. Most, if not all of them will be on "Anti-Tom Novels" besides Aunt Phillis's Cabin, and will be given in class on Wednesday, February 28, but depending on the size of the class I may ask some of you to deliver reports on other topics.