Haley, Shelby, Harry, Eliza

Tom's writing lesson

Sam and Andy enjoying their success

Eliza on the ice

Haley meeting Loker and Marks

Mother jumping overboard with her infant

The veteran spitting on the poster

George's Mother being sold

Buying Albert at auction

Law|Piracy: a cartoon

Eliza at Rachel's

Tom meeting Eva

Eva putting flowers on Tom

Eva and Tom

The Freeman's Defense (George's perspective)

The Freeman's Defense (Marks' perspective)

Tom pleading with St. Clare

Prue and her dying infant

Tom and Eva trying to write

Topsy and Eva

Topsy and Ophelia

Topsy dancing

Eva and Tom reading Bible

Eva and Mammy reading

Eva and her Father

Eva "laying hands on" Topsy

Eva's good-by to the slaves

Eva dying

Angels receiving Eva in heaven

Tom praying with St. Clare

Rosa pleading with Ophelia

Tom's vision of Eva

Cassy defying Sambo

Cassy nursing Tom

Angel, lion and Tom

Tom kneeling to Jesus

Tom's final beating

George Shelby freeing slaves

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Freedom to Africa: slaves emigrating