Student Work



  • Course Requirements

      WRITING ASSIGNMENTS: The main assignment is a 12-15 page essay, on just about any topic of your choosing, due at the end of the semester: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7. If you're interested in doing a web-based digital project instead of this essay, you probably can, as long as you discuss your plan with me early in the semester.

      The other assignment is smaller, but requires a bigger explanation. I want the class to create a bibliography of secondary sources for the novels we're reading, and then begin to annotate it. You'll start by picking an author/novel to work with. Given the numbers in the class, you'll probably be working in a team, and up to 3 students can work on one author, but you have to let me know by e-mail as soon as you can and in any case by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 which author you'd like to work on. (I'll keep posting who has signed up for whom HERE.)
      You and the others in the group then have until FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 to come up with a bibliography of imporant, valuable, representative essays, articles, chapters, etc., on your author/work. The bibliography should include criticism from a range of periods, and be between 15 and 25 items long. On September 28 you'll e-mail me an html-tagged copy of your bibliography, following THIS MODEL. I'll then post all the bibliographies to our webpage.
      The final step in this process consists of you picking one of the texts on one of the bibliographies (not necessarily from the list you helped build), and BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, writing a 500-600 word review of it. As before , you'll e-mail me an electronic version of your review, following THIS MODEL for the html tagging -- and I'll post your review to the webpage also.
      To sum up: you have a week to pick an author/novel for the bibliography; then three weeks to create and submit the bibliography; then about a month to pick one secondary text to review for the class.

      EXAM: There will be a final exam, on December 14. We'll talk about that much later.