.html Tagging for Bibliography

This is the template to follow when you submit your bibliography. (Please use this template rather than a tagging editor or software program.) The unitalicized stuff below is the html tagging. Just copy exactly what's here, replacing the italicized stuff with the details of the texts in your bibliography. Then e-mail it to me at sfr@virginia.edu. Please send it in the body of an e-mail message, NOT as an attachment. This means that if you typed it first in a word-processing program like WordPerfect or MicrosoftWord, you'll have to convert it to an ASCII or DOS or TEXT file in order to include it successfully in an e-mail message. If you're not sure how to make that conversion (you use the "Save As" filetype program in your word processor), just let me know.

<title>Author's Name: Selected Criticism</title>

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<font size=+2>Author's Name: Selected Criticism</font><br><br>

<font size=+1>
<center> Bibliography Prepared by your name(s), alphabetically if more than one</center></font><br><br>


list the 15-25 texts alphabetically, by author's last name, in one of these three formats:

model for book--
<li>author's name, last name first, <i>title of book</i> (place: publisher, date). </li><br><br>

model for book chapter, or essay published in a book--
<li>author's name, last name first, "title of chapter or essay," in <i>title of book</i> (place: publisher, date): page numbers. </li><br><br>

model for article from a journal--
<li>author's name, last name first, "title of article," <i>title of journal</i> volume number (year of publication): page numbers.</li><br><br>


if you want to divide your bibliography into subcategories, follow this model (and note that each subcategory requires its own centered heading and open and close menu tags--

<li>book, article, etc. </li><br><br>

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