Ben-Hur on Stage

The Player's Edition of
Ben-Hur, published by Harper & Brothers,
1901. This is the source of the 16 photos
accessible here, all taken from the
original New York production of the story:

Opened 29 November 1899,
dramatized by William Young,
staged by Ben Teal,
direction of Joseph Brooks.
  • "Ben-Hur"

  • "The Star of Bethlehem"

  • "Messala and Ben-Hur"

  • "Ben-Hur, Mother, and Tirzah"

  • "In the Galley, Arrius Notices Ben-Hur"

  • "Arrius and Ben-Hur"

  • "In the Grove of Daphne"

  • "Ben-Hur Stops Messala's Chariot"

  • "Simonides and Esther in Doubt"

  • "Ben-Hur and Iris on the Shore of the Lake"

  • "Ben-Hur and Messala before the Race"

  • "Ben-Hur Wins the Race"

  • "Iris"

  • "Ben-Hur and Esther"

  • "Amrah Telling Ben-Hur's Mother & Sister of the Nazarene's Power"

  • "Finale. The Mount of Olives"