ATTENDANCE -- I won't take or require attendance in the MONDAY & WEDNESDAY classes, though if I don't see you for more than a couple classes in a row I'll speak to you and expect you to have a reason for your absences. I will take attendance in the THURSDAY|FRIDAY discussion sessions. I expect you to be there, and prepared to talk about the material we're exploring, so in discussion only two unexcused absences are allowed for the whole semester. Any more will effect your final grade.

WRITING -- You'll write two pairs of assignments this term, four altogether.

  • Two (ungraded) one-page (300-word) close readings, due in discussion session February 8-9 and March 22-23
  • Two (graded) 5-6 page essays, the first due Monday, March 5, and the second due in discussion, April 26-27
  • The close reading assignments are intended to give you a way to practice literary analysis and to open up a conversation between your writing and my responses. For more about the first assignment, CLICK HERE.

    For the essays you'll be free to chose and define your own topics, though I'll try to be as specific as possible about what I'm looking for in a good paper. I'll post more details about all that as we get closer to March 5. In the meantime, I encourage you to come and talk to me as soon as you have an idea what you'd like to say in that first essay.

    All written work must be handed in on time.

    FINAL EXAM -- Yes, on Tuesday, May 8. We'll talk about the details later.