TUESDAY, MAY 8; 9 - 12 a.m.

    It will be an essay exam, in two parts. PART ONE will contain one question that everybody will have to answer. It will give you a chance to talk about the movie clips we've seen, if you choose. (30 minutes)

PART TWO you'll answer two questions, from a choice of about four. Below is a sample question. A version of this question will be a choice on the exam itself, though it won't be exactly this question. (75 minutes per question)

1. Ophelia in Uncle Tom's Cabin; Listwell and Grant in "The Heroic Slave"; Huck in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; John and Annie in The Conjure Woman; Jan and Max in Native Son -- these are white characters who, when we first meet them, all have various degrees of ignorance or prejudice about "blacks." In the stories they're brought into new, closer relationships with someone on the other side of the color line. Pick three of the stories, and discuss the white characters' experience. The largest question I want you to answer is: based on what happens inside the white characters' minds, do the stories suggest prejudices or lack of understanding can be overcome? if not, why not? and if so, how?
    As I'll remind you on the exam, I'll expect you to make your answers as specific as you can -- i.e. to name names, cite details, give examples to support your ideas.

    Between now and the exam you can study for it any way you'd like, including getting together with other students in the class to discuss the works we've read, the issues we've addressed, the questions that might be on the exam, etc.