From The Scarlet Letter:

  "Is the world then so narrow?" exclaimed Hester Prynne, fixing her deep eyes on the minister's and instinctively exercising a magnetic power over a spirit so shattered and subdued, that it could scarcely hold itself erect. ". . . Whither leads yonder forest track? . . . Deeper it goes, and deeper, into the wilderness . . . There thou art free!"
From Uncle Tom's Cabin:

  Tom remarked, as the light of the moon fell upon Cassy's large, black eyes, that there was a wild and peculiar glare in them, unlike their wonted fixed despair. . . .
  "Tom, wouldn't you like your liberty? . . . Come on. . . . Come!" said she, in a whisper, fixing her black eyes on him. "Come along! . . . He's asleep . . . the back door is unlocked; there's an axe there . . . I'll show you the way. . . . Any life is better than this."
  "O, Misse Cassy!" said Tom, throwing himself before her, "for the dear Lord's sake that died for ye, don't sell your precious soul to the devil, that way!"