There are two ways to play this game:
         (1) any way you want;
         (2)Pick a category from the selection in the left frame. Clicking on the category button will bring up the first question in this frame. When you've come up with your answer (or given up), clicking on "ANSWER," will "turn the card over" so you can check your response. You can then choose your next question in that category by clicking on a number in this frame, or you can go back to the left frame to start another category.

You have to mark your own progress. When you've correctly answered 3 questions in a row, or when you've use up the questions in a category, you can claim a wedge by clicking on the game piece icon at the top of the left frame. Each time you click there, you'll claim another wedge. When you've got all 6 wedges, clicking on the filled piece icon will take you to the FINAL QUESTION. Answer that and you've won!

The easiest way to keep track of which questions in each category you've already seen is to begin with all the links marked as unvisited. To do that, click on Options at the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then select "General Preferences," and from that category select "Appearance" (or just make sure "Appearance" is in front). The last item on "Appearance" menu is "Link Styles." All you have to do is click on "Expire Now," then click "Okay" twice to bring you back to the game board.