Index of Manuscript Materials

  • Whitman, "Premonitions"
    3rd Edition, Leaves of Grass, 1865.

  • Dickinson, "Just lost, when I was saved!"
    ca. 1860, [#160]

  • Twain, "A True Story"
    published in Atlantic Magazine, 1874;
    for whole story, & entire 29-page ms, CLICK HERE

  • James, Chapter 7, The Europeans
    part of The Europeans, published 1878

  • Chopin, signed fragment,
    ending of "Athenaise"

  • Gilman, letter, 5 September 1928

  • Crane, "The End"
    manuscript of The Red Badge of Courage

  • Dresier, page of notes on "Howells"

  • Eliot, typescript of "Gerontion"
    as prepared for printer, 1919

  • Eliot, letter, 17 December 1932
    to Prof. Nelson, Univ. of Virginia

  • Williams, signed typescript, "Between Walls"

  • Hemingway, typescript first page,
    manuscript of The Sun Also Rises

  • Faulkner, "Twilight," first page of
    The Sound and the Fury (top half, enlarged)--
    or whole first page of manuscript

  • Ginsberg, postcard to Lucien Carr
    from Latin America, 1 February 1960
    cover of same postcard

  • Plath, college copy of Whitman, "the suicide sprawls"
    marginal comments on "Song of Myself," "Smith College, 1954"

  • Plath, college copy of Whitman, "I know the sea of torment"
    marginal comments on "Song of Myself," "Smith College, 1954"

  • SOURCE: The Barrett Collection, Alderman Library. THANKS:Felicia Johnson, Special Collections Digital Center.

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