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This is the template to follow when e-mailing me your reviews. The unitalicized stuff below is the html tagging. Just copy exactly what's here, replacing the italicized stuff with the particulars of your review. Then e-mail it to me at Please send it in the body of an e-mail message, NOT as an attachment. This means that if you typed it first in a word-processing program like WordPerfect or MicrosoftWord, you'll have to convert it to an ASCII or DOS or TEXT file in order to include it successfully in an e-mail message. If you're not sure how to make that conversion (you use the "Save As" filetype program in your word processor), just let me know.

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<b>title (in quotation marks) of chapter, or article, or essay</b>, by author<br>
for chapters: title of book it's from, place of publication: publisher, date: number of pages;
for articles: periodical (in italics), volume number, date (in parentheses): page numbers</font> <br><br>

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Your review goes here. Whenever you want to italicize a book or journal title, use <i>title</i>. At the beginning of each paragraph put <blockquote>, and at the end of each paragraph put </blockquote> -- that will give your review margins, and make it easier to read over the web.

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