Detail from Page 1, Manuscript of "Red Leaves" —                    
WED 1.20   Introduction
            TH 1.21   “A Rose for Emily” (Collab Resources);   &
                    "A Rose for Emily"  &
                    Using Digital Yoknapatawpha
MON 1.25   Flags in the Dust, Books 1-2 (pages 3-155)
WED 1.27   Flags in the Dust, Book 3 (pages 156-281)
                    Faulkner at Virginia Clips
MON 2.1   Flags in the Dust, finish
WED 2.3   The Sound and the Fury, part One, Two
            TH 2.4 Ungraded narrative assignment due   |   YOUR MISSION
MON 2.8   The Sound and the Fury, part Three
WED 2.10   The Sound and the Fury, finish
MON 2.15     As I Lay Dying, pages 3 - 176
WED 2.17     As I Lay Dying, finish
MON 2.22     “Dry September,” “There Was a Queen” (Collab Resources)
WED 2.24   Light in August, chapters 1-8
MON 2.29   Light in August, chapters 9-14
WED 3.2   Light in August, finish
TH 3.3   First 6-7 page essay due   |   YOUR MISSION
      3.7 - 3.10 SPRING BREAK
MON 3.14     “Red Leaves,” “A Justice” (Collab Resources)
WED 3.16   Absalom, Absalom! chapters 1-2
                  No discussion THUR, 3.17
MON 3.21   Absalom, Absalom! chapters 3-5
WED 3.23   Absalom, Absalom! chapters 6-7
MON 3.28   The Unvanquished, I, II, III and VI
              TUES, 3.29: 4-5 PM Trip to Faulkner Papers, Auditorium, Small Special Collections Library.
WED 3.30   Absalom, Absalom! finish
MON 4.4   The Unvanquished, IV, V and VII
WED 4.6     “Spotted Horses,” “Barn Burning” (Collab Resources)
MON 4.11   Go Down, Moses, “Was,” “Fire and the Hearth,” “Pantaloon in Black,”
WED 4.13   Go Down, Moses, “The Old People,” “The Bear”
MON 4.18   Go Down, Moses, “Delta Autumn,” “Go Down, Moses”
WED 4.20   Go Down, Moses
MON 4.25   Intruder in the Dust chapters 1-7
WED 4.27   Intruder in the Dust
                  TH 4.28 Final 6-7 page essay due
MON 5.2   . . .

                  FRI 5.13   2-5 PM   FINAL EXAM     "Is it that late?" – The Sound and the Fury, page 77
              Bring a question of your own for "Mr. Faulkner" to the exam.