Mapping Yoknapatawpha

  Below is one of several maps of his imaginary world that Faulkner himself drew. It is undated, and looks unfinished — for example he omits the road that leads directly south from Jefferson, towards Mottson — and various geographical details are different on other maps. It is probably a first draft of the map he drew in 1947 for Malcolm Cowley's Portable Faulkner. Because it's incomplete, it can serve as a symbol of the way that Yoknapatawpha, as a place in Faulkner's imagination, was always growing and changing.
  I'm also using it as a way to "plot" the Faulkner novels we're reading spatially. By clicking on the links at left, you'll bring up various versions of the map identifying the sites on which the major episodes of each story take place. This may help bring his more ambiguous texts into focus, and it'll also let you see how Faulkner used the different areas of the county as settings for the different stories he was telling.

MAP SOURCE: Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia.