Dr. Steven E. Rhoads


Dr. Steven E. Rhoads
Professor of Government and Foreign Affairs 

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Steven E. Rhoads

Woodrow Wilson Department of Government and Foreign Affairs
232 Cabell Hall, University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901


      Place of birth: Abington, Pennsylvania
      Date of birth: May 12, 1939
      Married - three sons 
      Home address: 3190 Dundee Road, Earlysville, Virginia 22936 
Telephone: 804-924-3358 (office); 804-973-4879 (home)
Fax: 804-924-3359
      E-mail: SER6F@virginia.edu


      Cornell University - Ph.D., 1972 (Government)
Cornell University - M.P.A. cum laude, 1965 (Economic Analysis and Public Policy)
Princeton University - A.B. cum laude, 1961 (History)

 Fellowship Awards and other Honors:

      The Chinese Translation of The Economist's View of the World was selected as the fourth best book of            the year (1991) by The China Times (Taiwan).
Olin Foundation Fellowship, Summer 1991, 1992
Bradley Foundation Research Fellowship, 1987-88, 1989-1990
Bradley Foundation Fellowships for University of Virginia graduate students designated by me ($30,000            per Annum) 1987-Present
Research Fellowship, Institute for Educational Affairs, 1982
Sesquicentennial Associate of the Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Virginia,
      Earhart Foundation Fellowship, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1990, 1991, 1994
      National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 1975
      Four-year New York State Herbert Lehman Fellowship, 1966-1969, Cornell University
      Bankard Fund (University of Virginia) Summers 1992, 1999,2000 .

 Teaching Experience:

      Woodrow Wilson Department of Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia,
           Professor, 1986-present; Associate Professor, 1976-86; Assistant Professor, 1970-76.

      I have taught introductory courses in American government and in political theory; upper division
      undergraduate courses on values, resources and public policy, political economy, and on economic    
and political approaches to public policy analysis; and graduate level courses on economic concepts
      and public policy, on ethics, politics and administration, on sex and gender differences and public
      policy, and on policy analysis, benefit-cost analysis and program evaluation.

 Other Employment, Consulting, and Service

      Served on Board of Academic Advisors for the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy (a
           research organization focused on Virginia State policy), 1997-present.

      Evaluation Committee for the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar Program,

      Member of Review Committee to Assess Williams College's Political Science Department, 1987

      Outside evaluator for Tulane University's undergraduate major in Political Economy, 1987

      Consultant to the Environmental Protection Administration on procedures for implementing the
           Toxic Substances Act, 1978

      Coordinated and taught Program Budgeting Seminars for the State of Virginia's Department of 
           Planning and Budget, 1976, 1977

      Helped design and implement an education program for state planning agency personnel in Region 3
           of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, 1974-1975

      Consultant to the Federal Aviation Administration on the FAA's policy guidance process for their
          development and engineering programs, Summer 1974

      Worked with Charlottesville City Manager's Office on a series of problems which students analyzed
          in partial fulfillment of the AG 866 (policy analysis) course requirements, 1973-1978

      United States Bureau of the Budget (now Office of Management and Budget), Washington, D.C.,
          Staff Secretary for the Director's Review, 1965-1966. Responsible for facilitating the Director's
          Review of the 1967 U.S. Budget.

      Budget Examiner, summers of 1963 and 1964.

      United States Navy, Ensign-Lt. (j.g.) aboard the USS INDEPENDENCE (CVA-62), 1961-1963.

 Service to the University:

 Administrative Positions

      Director, Mid-Career Program, 1997-1999.

      Associate Undergraduate Advisor, 1995-present.

      Director, Graduate Program in Public Administration and Public Affairs, University of Virginia,
          1976-1980, 1983-1985, 1987-1988.

      Departmental Graduate Student Adviser, 1971-1974.

      Program Director of U.S. Office of Education, Public Service Education Grants, 1975-1977.

 University Committees

      Co-Chair, Department of Economics Internal Review Committee, 1998.

      Arts and Sciences Committee on Budget and Personnel Policy, 1992-1993) (Chairman 1993)

      Dean's ad hoc Committee on Career Advising in Arts and Sciences, 1987.

      Provost's Committee to Recommend a New Dean of the Faculty, 1984.

      Woodson Institute Research Committee, 1983-1985.

      Interdisciplinary Majors Committee, 1983-1987.

      Scholarships, Grants-in-Aid, Loans, and Employment, 1982-1996.

      Dean's Committee to Recommend a Departmental Chairman, 1977, 1982.

      Committee to Recommend Changes in Faculty Fringe Benefits, 1981.

      Truman Scholarships Committee, 1979-1981.

      President's ad hoc Committee on Selection of a Director of the Miller Center, 1977.

      Athletic Advisory Committee, 1975-1977.

      Chairman of the Program Subcommittee for Conference of Virginia Political Scientists, 1976.

      Dean's ad hoc Committee on the Honor System and the Faculty, 1978-1979.

      American Cancer Society Institutional Grant Committee, 1980-1981.

      Dean's ad hoc Committee to consider a student appeal of faculty rules (chairman), 1978.

      Special Programs Committee, 1972-1974.

 Departmental Committees

      Committee to Select Presidential Management Internship Program Nominees, 1997, Chair.

      International Relations Recruitment Committee, 1996-1997.

      Assistant to the Chairman, 1988.

      Placement Officer, 1988.

      Political Economy Recruitment Committee, 1988, 1992.

      Graduate Committee, 1970-1980, 1983-1985, 1988, 1992-1993.

      Student Liaison Committee, 1970-1977, 1983-1985, (Chairman, 1971-1973).

      Public Administration Faculty Recruitment Committees, 1979-1983, 1988, 1993.

      Political Theory Faculty Recruitment Committee, 1983-1984.

      Admissions and Fellowships Committee, 1971-1976, 1990-1992.

      Undergraduate Committee, 1971-1977, 1985-1987, 1990-present.

      Library Committee, 1970-1977'

      Ad hoc Committee on Foreign Language Requirements for Graduate Students (Chairman), 1971-1972.

      Ad hoc Committee to Consider the Mosher Committee's Report on Public Affairs Education, 1971-1972.

      Ad hoc Outreach/Public Service Committee, 1987.

      Personnel Committee, 1986-present.

      Various ad hoc promotion committees.



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      Incomparable Worth: Pay Equity Meets the Market (Cambridge University Press, 1993; paperback edition, 1994).

      Visión Económica Del Mundo: Gobierno, Mercados y Política Publica (Mexico City: Trillas, 1995). This is the Spanish edition of The Economist's View of the World: Government, Markets and Public Policy (Cambridge University Press, 1985).

      Chinese second edition of The Economist's View of the World, published in 1994.

      The Economist's View of the World: Government, Markets and Public Policy (Cambridge University Press, 1985.

      Valuing Life: Public Policy Dilemmas (Westview, 1980), editor and contributor. Paperback edition published in 1981.

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      "The McGovern Party Reforms," July 5, 1972, Charlottesville Daily Progress, Roanoke Times, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, and the Lynchburg News.

 Professional Associations: Membership and Service

      American Political Science Association (Sections on policy studies, political economy, women and politics). Served in 1992 on the APSA committee to select the best doctoral dissertation in the field of policy studies.

      Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management. Served on the program committee for the 1986 Annual Conference.