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About the Training: Bujinkan Yama Jika Dojo teaches Bujinkan Budo, an ancient Japanese martial Art dating back over 2,000 years. The emphasis of training is on fluidity of movement, intelligence, economy of motion and effectiveness of technique. The basic curriculum utilizes a black belt manual which contains the basic information from white belt (mu kyu) to black belt (shodan). The information is derived from the Ten Chi Jin no Maki, or Books of Heaven, Earth and Man given to all Shidoshi at Godan (5th degree Black Belt). The study of the Ten Chi Jin no Maki continues with the Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) manual. From Sandan (3rd degree Black Belt) to Godan, the student studies the individual nine schools which make up the Bujinkan system. Weapons are taught to facilitate learning the principles which govern taijutsu (body movement) application. With a firm foundation in the martial arts, students are exposed to the goals of a harmonious and joyful life in today’s contemporary society.


About the Dojo: Bujinkan Yama Jika Dojo is a Bujinkan Budo school. The school is under the direct supervision of Dr. Michael S.Fenster; Godan (5th degree Black Belt), and Chief Instructor at BYJD. Dr. Fenster has over thirteen years experience in the Bujinkan Budo Arts and trains often with Shihan Kevin Millis. Mr. Millis is a Judan (10th degree Black Belt) and personal student of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. The dojo has several high ranking assistant instructors available to provide close personal instruction and guidance.


Class Days & Times:

Beginner Monday 7:30-9:00pm

Beginner/Intermediate Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm

Intermediate Thursday 7:30-8:30pm

Black Belt Thursday 8:30-10:00pm

Additional weekend workshops twice per month



About the Instructors:

Michael S. Fenster began his training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu the mid1980s. Previous martial arts experience includes myo sim, judo and kenpo karate. Dr. Fenster has studied with various shihan and shidoshi aorund the country and was a personal student of Shihan Kevin Millis until passing his Godan test. Dr. Fenster continues to study with Shihan Millis and other senior practioners around the country in addition to visiting with and training under Soke at least bi-annually.


Bill Johnson began his training in Honkyoryu Jujutsu and Goshin Karate in 1966 and1967 respectively. Over the next 25 years he trained in karate (Shorin ryu, Shotokan, Shito ryu and Goshinjutsuryu ), aiki jutsu, kenjutsu, kobudo and Spanish andFrench dagger (mano y daga) with Larry Greene, Gerald Durant, Steve Capela, Glenn Premru, Art Sykes, Paul Miran, Art Simmons, Ralph Porfilio, Bill Kutz, Charles Tatum, Tom Harmon, Jean Jaques Devereaux, Will Jones and others. He has trained for the last several years in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He holds menkyo (teaching license) and Renshi (instructor license) from the Mizu Hi Kobukan Shinto ryu. He has achieved the rank of Yondan in Goshin jutsu ryu from the GJKA/Akai Tatsu Ryu, Shodan in Honkyoryu Jujutsu, and is currently a Yondan in Bujinkan BudoTaijutsu. Mr. Johnson is a registered nurse with the University of Virginia Medical Center.

Steve Haug trained in tae kwon do prior to his introduction to Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He has studied with Dr. Fenster and Shihan Millis over the last several years, and has attended seminars around the country with various Shihan and Shidoshi as well as attending the U.S. Tai Kais. He currently holds the rank of Yondan and is an assistant instructor at Bujinkan Yama Jika Dojo.





Seminars and upcoming events:

October, 1998 Shihan Kevin Millis


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