Handmade Knives by Robert E. Barber

This page is always under constuction - below are pictures of a few of the Custom Knives made by Robert E. Barber of Charlottesville VA.

Little Annie -
Paring Knife -
Elegante neck knife Bo-ho-JA POG
Ambassador Little Gent Smoke Jumper
Trail Mate Bird & Trout Bird & Trout (color)
Grizzly Cub Seminole Skinner Sidekick
Cherokee Skinner Appalachian Skinner Magnum Drop Point
Stinger Boot Knife Knight Fighter Boot Knife Colorado Camp Knife
Cherokee Fighter Moonblood Tamadashi Tanto
Tanto Blue Ridge Bowie West By God Virginia Camp Knife
West By God Virginia Combo Warlock Fighter/Bowie
Classic Weehawk Fancy Fillet

At this time, Mr. Barber has retired from knifemaking. I leave these pages up as a photo album of what he made.