Music? Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011
Deej and Philip with snowgal and snow Jado
Snow 2010
EO Wilson and Kathy came to Charlottesville
EO Wilson's visit
Deej and sister Sharon at Easter
Deej and sister Sharon
Easter 2010
At the North Carolina beach June 2010
NC beach
Gathering with Ben's family and sisters Barb and Betty in DC in July
Ben's family with my sisters
Barb and Betty in DC July
51th Class 1959 reunion in Washington DC in July
51th Class 1959
reunion in DC July
Julie and Tim's Family July 2010 at Druid
McEldowney family
July 2010
Sunflowers in our Azalea park garden
The Ten at the Taj Mahal on our epic Exotic India trip in November
The Ten
at the Taj
Solstice celebration at Kathy's in December 2010
Happy Solstice and
Happy Holidays
in 2010 & for 2011
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Happy Holidays!
From Deej and Philip
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Photos by Deej Baker and others. Webbing by Philip McEldowney. Write to both here.

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