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Tiger's Tales 1952

from times gone by

Note: For Gals Only!
from 'The Tiger', June 30, 1952, edited by A. C. Owens

The honorable members of the ninth standard spinster club and the ninth standard 'widows' club ... decided to combine and have a picnic all the way out to Flag Hill... This picnic was only for the fairer sex! At 10:00am...the gals living along Tehri Road and the boarders arrived according to plans at Jabberkhet toll gate. They waited for those from the top of the hill until 10:30, then supposing that the rest of the party had gone ahead they started on that 1-o-n-g trek ahead of them. Arriving at Flag Hill and not finding the rest of the parry they issued that kind of Indian love call peculiar to Woodstock students. Just as all hope was being given up of their ever arriving, the rest came in sight panting up the hill. It seemed that Winnie and Ilse had thought that a bit more beauty sleep was important.

After a lunch of bacon, baked beans and potato salad ...they settled down to 'quiet' (??) games. Towards the end of one, an animal game played with Flinch cards, the two 'Anns' had a tooth and nail argument as to whether an elephant or a duck was the stronger. PS. The duck proved to be!

Feeling chat sitting around all the time might affect their figures it was then suggested to play 'Kick the Can'. After this energetic game tea was the common wish. At 5:00 pm eleven tired, but contented spinsters and 'widows' trod down the hill, and home to dream about Kashmir and Dodi Tal.

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