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The Hanifl Centre

Woodstock is turning a dream into reality by building a permanent resource centre on campus as a base for its environmental studies, outdoor education, leadership training, and service learning programs.

Made possible by a generous gift of Paul and Suzanne Turner Hanifl, Class of '63, the Hanifl Centre will be made available for the school community as well as to others from within India and abroad who want to learn about this region and work to improve its physical and human environment.

Awaiting permissions, Woodstock plans to open the Hanifl Centre by early 2002. Staffed by a full-time Coordinator, it will provide a co-curricular program, better preparing our students to be responsible global stewards. It will also house conferences, alumni reunions, arid visiting groups as needed.

The Hanifl Centre will be located at the old property called Ashton Court, a property at the eastern edge of the Woodstock campus, near Jabberkhet. The buildings face south, with magnificent views to the east and south across the Doon Valley. The Centre will include: a laboratory with teaching resources and computers, accommodation for groups of up to forty people with dining facilities, a conference room, meeting spaces, a guest suite and a staff residence. The outside space will include camping facilities, an assault course, a climbing wall, and a greenhouse.

The building itself is being designed and built using local materials where feasible, energy-efficient heating, ecologically sound waste disposal systems, and a water harvesting system.

Woodstock hopes to be able to raise S100,000 in matching hands to equip the Centre with furniture, hiking equipment, library resources and a vehicle. Equipment will be purchased within India where possible, both to lower costs and to support the fledgling outdoor equipment industry.

Over the years Woodstock staff and students have poured time and energy into outdoor activities, recycling and tree-planting programs, environmental studies, the Natural History Society, and rural development projects. Many students have gone on to dedicate their lives, professional or personal, to environmental protection, environmentally sound development work, or educating others about these issues.

However, the lack of a permanent facility and staffing means that some of these projects come and go. The Hanifl Centre will ensure that Woodstock can optimize its location by providing a space for these programs. We are eagerly awaiting its opening!

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