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Flashback to Mela 2000

Staff and students donned national costumes in a rich display of culture at the Woodstock Mela 2000, held on the 20 May. The traditional Spring Sale was combined with International Day to produce a truly unique event.

The school was divided into over twenty different groups to represent countries around the globe. Groups dressed in national costumes and presented dances, exhibitions of handicrafts and clothes as well as traditional delicacies. Posters, which provided information about each respective country, as well as informative exhibitions, allowed people to experience the vast and rich cultures and traditions of the world.

After the stalls were closed, there was a Hinglish play, Jungle Mein Mangal, which entertained the audience with its take on Bollywood films. The day ended with a concert by the Woodstock Bands. Money raised went to the Scholarship Fund.

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