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Sports Program Expanded

Elementary Sports Day

The start of this semester saw the launching of a new compulsory physical fitness program for Grades 7 through 9. Each student gets to choose an activity for the quarter. Through the year, students have a wide range of options, including soccer, cross-country, aerobics, kho-kho, athletics, table tennis, badminton, cricket, hockey, volleyball, swimming and tennis.

The number of students involved in inter-school sports has also increased greatly this year due to a change in the qualification system amongst the six participating Mussoorie schools. The indexing system of qualification based on height and weight has been discarded in favor of a system of divisions according to classes. This enables far more students to take part, as formerly many of our students were too brawny to be allowed to compete against their own age group.
Socer This year, we had teams for all four divisions in soccer, and three divisions each in badminton and table tennis. Woodstock did themselves proud in the girls' and boys' senior divisions of table tennis and badminton, only narrowly losing the Finals. The Woodstock Tigers had a rougher time in soccer as the sub juniors, juniors and senior divisions lost all their respective inter-school matches. However, the intermediate boys fared far better by defeating many teams, reflecting some impressive up-and-coming talent. They also went to Delhi and defeated Vasant Valley School.

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