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Risking a New Experience.
By Briana Noble '95

Janvi Jhala, Kathryn Jones, Saira Malik, Brie Milgrom, Bodhi Montgomery, Sarath Sanga, Elizabeth Smucker and Mario Wyon... This year's batch of SAGE students at Woodstock have been as enthusiastically involved in both academic and extracurricular activities as their predecessors. One student, however, certainly stands out. Katy Jones, a blue-eyed American and daughter of ex-staff members, Emerson and Joan Jones, exudes a warmth, calmness and maturity that has benefited all around her. As Katy's dorm parent, myself a SAGE alumnus (1994-'95), I have witnessed Katy's growth as she has delved whole-heartedly into exploring both new friendships and the foothills around her.

One of her greatest contributions to Woodstock has been in the athletic arena. Soon after her arrival at Woodstock, Katy was elected captain of Merlin's house. She has lead her house valiantly by breaking the school record for Senior Girls Inter-School Cross Country recently.

She avails of any opportunity to join in hiking trips into the foothills, and even ventured on a recent rock climbing expedition. While Katy is an excellent student, she says that: 'The best part about Woodstock is the education I receive outside of the classroom. I am learning to find value in the opportunities provided; a person must be willing to risk a new experience.'

We at Woodstock are fortunate that Katy chose to 'risk the new experience' of coming to Woodstock, and we hope to learn from her spirited enthusiasm. We wish her well in what adventures lie ahead!

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