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Mussoorie Musings
by Sharon Seto '79

Like the end of the monsoon, you can never predict when a highly anticipated birth might actually happen. When it does come, it may announce itself with a bang or a whimper.

This year's monsoon end lacked any fanfare -- no lightning, hail or even heavy rain. The same may be said of the long-awaited establishment of the new state here, Uttarkhand, re-christened Uttaranchal. Its creation seems to have caught the region by surprise as dates were set and the state-making machinery has been set in motion.

What does Uttaranchal mean for Woodstock? At the very least, we need to change our letterhead quickly. Debra Dun will grow much more rapidly as it assumes an important role in the region. It could mean a change in many laws governing the school or in the amount of influence Woodstock may have - we really don't know anything yet.

Maybe it is because my family went to Tungnath for Quarter Break, but recently I find myself looking eastward across the foothills to Kumaon more than southward past Debra Dun towards the plains. The promise of being affiliated with the people of this region is a joyful one: a dawning with the crispness of a Himalayan morning.

The history of Woodstock School has been shaped by events around us, and our adaptability has ensured our survival through times of great change. Each period in its history has contributed to that which is 'Woodstock School'; the Raj, the Wars, Independence, the missionary period, the end of the Cold War. I feel like we are perched on the edge of another period in the school's history.

We watch the clouds, we smell the air, we listen to the insects and read the signs in fern, moss, and wildflower. We are assured only of the constancy of change. Sometimes the new arrives surreptitiously, sometimes with great fanfare. We are listening, watching patiently for signs and welcoming Uttaranchal's arrival.

Sharon Seto '79
Development Officer

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