Brown and Gold The Brown and the Gold. October 1998.
Woodstock School Mussoorie UP India
[Also see Online Issues of May 1998, October 1997, and May 1996]

Features from The Brown and the Gold - October 1998 (Or the words of the Song!) Birthday Card Philip's 58th year
Students and Staff get personal e-mail Fierce rains lead to landslides Shaw-Hamilton heads high school
Jem Singh, The First Generation May Woodstock Continue for a Thousand Years Landslides!
History of hiking books at Woodstock Just two hikes : no more! Here We Go! (Girls' soccer)
The Prosepctus Mendonças move to Canada Tribute to Mr. Surinder Sherring
News and notes New Woodstock Video Cate's Corner
Sherring-Sahib Poem Cable TV on Campus From the Bench at Oakville (poem)
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