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Cable TV on Campus

Getting hooked up to cable TV is not a simple matter at a school with a 260 acre campus. Woodstock is built on the south side of a mountain with a 500 metre rise from the lowest to the highest points on campus. In order to hook up residence halls and staff homes to cable TV, more than three kilometres of cable have been laid down. The process has been an expensive one. It has cost two and a half times the original estimate.

As technology advances, relay technology advances too. "By the time most homes on campus were hooked up, some channels went off the air because they went digital,"says Dana Crider, who has supervised the work. " Two popular channels -Star Sports and Star Movies - are now digital. We need a new kind of receiver for digital channels.

Subscription to digital channels means an additional expense. All over India, subscribers have to pay an initial fee as well as a monthly payment. There is an ongoing discussion at the school whether the school should invest in this or ask staff to have a hand in the financing of subscriptions for digital cable TV.

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