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Cate's Corner

Dear WOSA around the world,

It is October in Mussoorie and we have had several of those brilliant blue mornings that you remember, with the coolness in the air, Bunder Poonch sitting silent centennial to the timeless hills, and the last of the monsoon flowers in bloom. The Lyre Tree is resplendent with new cones and needles. The best time of the year!

Many things have happened here at School since you heard from us in May. Graduation saw the sundial replaced in the senior garden below Parker Hall. The graduating class had worked throughout high school on restoring the garden following the construction of the Media Center up above. They cleared rubble, dug flower beds, painted the benches and tables (repeatedly!), planted grass and even painted a picture of what they wished to accomplish. With the generous gift from two alumni couples they were able to finish their project and have the sundial reset on a slate platform. Unfortunately it no longer tells time as the trees have made the sun only an occasional event in the garden. The school added the last touch by installing a gate at the far end so that the cows and donkeys won't eat the flowers. The class had their senior pictures taken around the sun dial and presented the school with a brass plaque officially naming the garden Parson's Terrace after the teacher Mr. Parson's who was the original designer of the garden in the 1920's.

There were a large number of staff who left in June and almost an equal number of new staff arriving in July. The new teachers have fitted into the routine with tremendous grace and a lively, challenging year is underway. Some visitors of note in September were Dorothy and John Nyce whom many of us in the 60's remember from math and P.E. classes.

We are expecting many visitors again this October although -maybe not-Me record numbers from 1997. The KWI tour group is arriving this week and the Class of 1963 is coming to observe their 35th reunion at the end of the month. I just had the fun of meeting Carla Taylor, Ginny Taylor's little sister. The wonderful multi-episode class reunion I had last year hasn't been repeated yet this year but I remain hopeful! It is lovely to have people come to visit - we just warn everyone that there isn't room for visitors on campus as there has been in the past but we have places to recommend!

On the fund raising side of the job, this is to encourage you to send along your donation for the 1998 Annual Fund in the enclosed envelope. The Annual Fund, in the US and in the rest of the world, is used to help support our alumni activities like the Quadrangle, class letters and all those other services provided by this Alumni Office as well as by KWI in the U.S. as well as support projects here at Woodstock Please be as generous as you can be but don't be discouraged if you can only contribute a small amount - we just need everyone to participate -and yes, that definitely means you!

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts that you have sent our way - wishing you all the best,

Cate Whitcomb
Class of '66
Alumni/Development Officer

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