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The Prospectus
Mendonças move to Canada

Woodstock School has got a new prospectus for staff and prospective students. The editor Catherine Kidder has tried to capture the "look, taste and feel" of Woodstock School. In twenty four pages she describes life in the residences, the academic program, the special opportunities the school offers and the facilities it has. The beautiful colour photographs were taken by Thomas Kidder and Jon Derksen, including a spectacular shot of the lyre tree and a view from the Haunted House. The front cover folds out to show a panorama photograph of the campus. Hartmuth Hanisch, the art teacher, has drawn a sketch of the school and its surroundings for the back cover. Sarah Derksen, Midlands staff, has contributed illustrations based on traditional Indian drawings. The prospectus is published in Delhi by Andy Malhan, Class of '89.
Mendonças move to Canada
Alan, David Jeffery and Kavita Mendonça at the farewell

Kavita and Alan Mendonças have left their home of 16 years and moved to Calgary in Canada. Alan was Director of Food Services at Woodstock for 16 years, while Kavita taught English at high school. Moving at the end of August was not easy.

In true Mussoorie fashion, nothing went as planned and yet everything worked out in the end. At the last minute, the tickets the Mendonças thought were confirmed were not ready. They could not get seats on the flight they wanted. New reservations were made and they were to leave when the largest landslide of the season cut off the road to Dehradun. The road was closed for days, but the Mendonças finally crossed the pile of rubble with all their luggage after the boulders stopped coming down.

Sunayana and Siddharth were sad to leave their home and they welcomed the delays. They got a few extra days with their friends.

The Mendonças have moved into a flat and the kids have started school. Alan and Kavita are looking for jobs, but career switches midstream are not new for the Mendonças.

Alan was born in Bombay. At the age of fourteen, he joined a monastery in Darjeeling. As a novitiate monk, he studied education and church history and started teaching in Goa. However, when he was twenty he decided the life of a Catholic monk was not for him. So he opted out of the order and started studying hotel management.

Kavita wrote poetry and was teaching English at the Hotel Management College in Bombay they met. Alan was her student. They were married in 1980. They moved to Panchgani where he was in charge of the kitchen at a Bahai school.

Siddharth was a six month old baby when Alan joined Woodstock in 1982 as director of food services. Kavita started teaching English. Ten years later, they took a year off and went to Oxford. Alan got a professional diploma (HCIMA) and won a couple of awards for writing.

We miss them here at Woodstock and wish them well.

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