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A bad day goying down to school || River of Mud || Team || A Dirty Surprise

These articles were written by fifth grade students after a landslide cut off the road to Edgehill residence.

A bad day goying down to school

When we woke up in the morning it was rainning very hard. We brushed and ate breakfast. We got ready for school. Some of us wore sandles and rainboot and some shoes. We wore raincoat and some took unbrela. We left for school.

On the way there was a landslide covering the path. When we were tryin to cross the landslide we started to sink. The mude was very yuke and there were lot of stone and some glass in the mud. Some of them lost their footwear and was crying. Some got cut and had sour leg.

Some of them were steppind on stone but not get hurt. Only some the .stones were sharp, pointed and some not sharp or pointed.

Some of us crossed the landslide and started to help and to find slippers. All of us were very dirty and had mud on our legs.

When we reached school we had dirt on our face and on our clothes. We had bath at school at the bathrooms. People took pictures of us. Mrs. John and Mrs. Narm send clothes for us to were. We had hot choco.

Suyatemjen Longkumer

River of Mud

On Wednesday morning when we woke tip it was raining very hard. We all were freezing. We got brushed, changed our clothes and hod breakfast. After a good delicious breakfast, we wore our raincoats pulled our pants up wore slippers and started for school.

When we got to the landslide I was shocked and excited. So that's why I was the firsh one to step in the mud. When I took my first step my foot started sinking quickly I took another step. When I raised my foot I lost my slipper, I had to walk bare-foot the rest of the way on sharp rocks. When I was was on my last step I slipped. I just close my eyes.Then suddenly someone caught me. Haa

Mr. Mork come and took us to school. .We were all muddy. We went straight in the bathrooms and Mrs. Mark helped us wash ourselves. Then we went to our classes and had coaco.

Then at 11:15 at last we started school, and thinking how it would be when we get back to the dorms.

Youdenla Gonsar

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